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Mail delivery and collection

The servitors deliver and collect mail three times a day. Mail is delivered to individual offices where possible and collected from 5319 or 5211. There is a designated mail tray in both rooms with a collection of School and other post-related stamps and envelopes.

All external University mail needs to be stamped with the square K6 ink stamp and any additional required stamps such as First Class or Airmail. For personal mail, stamps can be purchased from KB House.

Royal Mail collect post every day from the post room at around 5pm and from the official post box opposite the Servitors Office. The post room can be found in the main entrance hall behind the servitors office at the glass window.


JCMB have a group of servitors who are located on the ground floor behind the glass window in the main entrance hall. The head janitor is Rafik Bakhat who can be contacted on or x508601. Servitors can be contacted in order to open class rooms or for any other purposes on x508599. You can also contact the School Operations Team in the first instance.


There are a number of recycling points for the most frequently recycled items at various locations within the School.

There are also bins for recycling of glass and batteries in the kitchen.

Printer cartridges are recycled by the IT team.

Confidential waste bags are available from the Mathematics Teaching Organisation. For small amounts of confidential waste it is advised to use the shredder in the printing room.


Offices are cleaned weekly.  Staff are expected to keep their office in an accessible and hygienic state. Cleaning staff are not expected to clean personal items and difficult to access desk space.

Communal areas are cleaned daily but please note that staff are expected to clean up after themselves when using the kitchen and its facilities.

If cleaning issues need to be raised, please contact the School Operations Office in the first instance.

Fault Reporting Procedure

Report any problems (e.g. light not working, window not closing) to Marieke Blair or Corinna Bremer in the School Operations team providing as many details as possible.

If the problem is urgent or an emergency (leaking roof, smell of gas) please contact the Security team on 2222.

Furniture Requests and Uplifts

If you require new furniture or furniture to be uplifted/repaired, please contact Marieke or Corinna in the School Operations Team.

Delivery/uplift of furniture may take some time due to stock availability, order time and contracting issues. The School Operations Team will inform you of any updates.


In emergencies dial 2222 from an internal telephone to reach the Security Section, or alternatively dial (9)999 to contact the Emergency Services from mobiles or landlines.

Lone working guidelines

  • Try to keep expensive items, such as your phone, tablet or laptop, out of sight when you leave the room.
  • Make sure you lock your doors, rooms and windows when leaving your accommodation and put valuables out of sight.
  • Don’t leave your valuable property unattended in libraries, study rooms or other public spaces.
  • Ensure you mark your laptop, tablets, phones, bikes and other valuables with a unique identifier - preferably where it can’t be seen.
  • Apply a passcode to all mobile devices. Dial *#06# on your mobile for a unique number. Take a note of this number to aid with recovery if it is lost or stolen.
  • Lock your bicycle with high quality locks and in sheds or well-lit areas.

For non-urgent situations always contact the School Operations team in the first instance.

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