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Financial Information

All items of income and expenditure, such as incoming cheques, external invoices, expense claims and orders to internal/external suppliers, must be handed to Marieke Blair or Corinna Bremer in the School Operations Office for processing.  Orders for IT equipment should be discussed with Steve Law.

Should you have any financial queries please see Jill Douglas.

Expenses Policy

The School's expenses policy (issued April 2019) must be adhered to, this clarifies our interpretation of the University guidance.

All staff must be registered for eExpenses (application form) and submit their claims online

Before embarking on a business trip, please familiarise yourself with the University's travel insurance policyTravel insurance is free for all University employees on University-related business journeys. The online insurance application form can be found here.

Visitors should use this claim form.

Seminar Budgets

  • Please note that the seminar budget holders are responsible for managing their budgets and ensuring that they do not overspend.
  • When entertaining seminar speakers the ratio of internal: external people should not be more than 3:1.
  • Hospitality expenses should not exceed £20 per head (lunch) or £40 per head (dinner) including alcohol and service.
  • Itemised bills must be provided.

Travel Budgets

  • (School funded) staff travel allowance - £1200 per annum
  • PG travel allowance - £350 per annum 


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