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Fire Alarm

The fire alarm is tested at 8:55 am every Wednesday.

If the alarm sounds at any other time you must leave by the nearest fire exit and assemble in the Car Parks outside the building.  Do not use the lift.

Emergency Telephone

In emergencies dial 2222 from an internal telephone to reach the Security Section, or alternatively dial (9)999 to contact the Emergency Services from mobiles or landlines.

School Safety Officer

Jill Douglas, Room 5319, ext. 506568.

First Aid

The names, location and telephone numbers of first aiders in the building are on the notices adjacent to the lifts. Jill Douglas and Pamela Docherty are the trained first aiders in the School. First aid boxes are located in Rooms 5211, 5319 or the Servitor's Box at the main entrance.

Health and Safety Policies

Further information.

Travel Insurance

The University provides an insurance service which all staff must make use of when travelling for University purposes, overseas, or where UK travel involves a trip by air or an overnight stay. Cover is not automatic and must be arranged by applying online. Cover is free to applicants with the exception of some high-risk destinations which may require a fee charged to the School. Insurance cover will not be reimbursed on expense claims.

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