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Access to JCMB

 During the week (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm) there is unrestricted access to the building.  Outwith these hours the building is accessible only by University card swipe (sometimes with pin entry also) to those who have been granted permission.  Out of hours access permissions are normally only given to staff and long term visitors and are arranged upon arrival (for new staff) or upon request (for long term visitors).

For issues relating to access or access permissions contact the School Administrator. 

Room Access

Office keys are provided only to those who reside in a particular room, although Servitors, Cleaning staff and School support staff can also access rooms.  If access is needed to an office which is not your own please contact the School Operations Team, providing evidence of the permission granted by the normal occupant of that room.

Staff (including postdocs) and PhD students are allocated rooms as appropriate before they arrive with the following being responsible for room allocations within the School:

  • Chris Jowett – academic and support staff
  • Jill Douglas – postdocs
  • Iain Dornan – PhD students

Ad hoc meeting venues

Centrally-managed venues for ad hoc meetings (classrooms/meeting rooms) are bookable through the University's Web Room Bookings website.  This can be accessed via MyEd.  Please note that when submitting your request, you will receive an automated email confirming the booking.  At this point the Servitors will know to open the room for your meeting.  School staff are unable to open these rooms; if the door is locked please contact the Servitors on x508599.

Locally-managed venues include 4312 (seminar room) and 5323 (video conferencing room) and should also be booked using the above system.  Room 4312 may be locked, in which case the Servitors should be contacted.

Communal rooms

The common room/kitchen (5214) is open at all times.  The copy/print room (5212) is usually open during the day but is lockable by code lock.

Visitor rooms

Room 6311 is the visitor room. Visitors will need to be registered  and desk space requested through the School Operations Team. Once a desk has been allocated the key can be collected from the School Operations Office on the day of arrival.

Room summary

Further information

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