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Energy Awareness

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Energy Awareness

The University has made a commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by cutting down on its energy use. Taking small practical steps within your work space will not only help reduce emissions but ensure the University runs efficiently and cost effectively.

Personal Appliances

The School discourages staff and students from using personal electrical appliances such as kettles, fridges, microwaves, printers, space heaters, lamps and fans. Instead, staff and students are encouraged to share equipment and use communal facilities. The Kitchen area in the common room has a fridge, toaster, microwaves and a coffee machine availabe.  Kettles and a water heater are also provided.

The School management understands that personal appliances are necessary in some instances, particularly fans and heaters due to the lack of available heating controls in JCMB. Special circumstances will be taken into account in monitoring personal applicances.

To see how much energy your individual appliances are using, you can use the School's power meter (available to borrow from Corinna Bremer). The power meter will measure the energy use and calculate the cost of running your appliance.

Switch off to save

The switch off to save campaign encourages everyone to use less energy.

Every member of the University can help to save energy by engaging in the simplest of activities, such as switching off a light when leaving a room, or switching off non-essential electrical equipment. Please see the IT support team for advice before switching off computing equipment.

More information on Energy Awareness can be found on the University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department's Energy webpage

Reporting Faults

Faults should be reported to Marieke Blair or Corinna Bremer.


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