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Sustainable Travel

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Sustainable Travel

Up to a quarter of the carbon footprint of Edinburgh University staff and students comes from travelling.  The University recognises the importance of making sustainable travel options easy and accessible. Making changes to the way you travel can be beneficial for your health as well as the environment.


Cycling: To support and encourage cycling the University offers cycle training, bike maintenance courses, a bike to work scheme, interest free bike loans and Doctor Bike sessions. The University also offers a range of cycle parking across the sites as well as discounts in local bike shops.

Getting a bike: Staff can acquire a bicycle and safety equipment through the University cycle to work scheme and can also apply for an interest free loan to purchase a bicycle or motorcycle and associated safety clothing and equipment.
Discounts at local bike shops are available for University staff and students.

Doctor Bike: Doctor Bike is a fully qualified bike mechanic from The Bike Station, who regularly visits the University to help fix minor bike problems and provide maintenance advice. The Doctor Bike mechanic from The Bike Station will provide:

  • a free bike safety inspection.
  • fixing of minor problems on the spot (eg punctures, brakes, gear problems).
  • a bike ‘MOT’ certificate to take to a bike shop for problems which cannot be fixed on the spot.

Doctor Bike Sessions are completely free to all staff and students (on production of a staff ID or student matriculation card) and are provided throughout the year across all of the main University sites.

Sustainable Commuting and Business Travel

Edinburgh has an excellent public transport system. The University encourage staff, students and visitors to use public transport whenever possible. There is also a shuttle bus operating between the central area and King's Buildings.

To make it easier for staff to use the bus at work, departments can order books of pre-paid Lothian Bus tickets, called CitySingles. These are strictly for the purpose of business travel only and cannot be re-sold. Tickets can be obtained by request from Marieke or Corinna. The School doesn't keep these tickets in stock so they will need to be ordered in advance.

The Transport and Parking website has information on cycling initiatives, sustainable commuting and sustainable business travel.
More information on Sustainable travel can be found on the University's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department's Travel webpage.

You may also refer to the University's policies, plans & reports on travel for more information.

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