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The School of Mathematics is committed to promoting a positive culture in which all members of the School treat each other with dignity and respect.

If you are not treated with dignity and respect, e.g. you have experienced unsupportive language and behaviour (such as condescending or intimidating language, ridicule, overly familiar behaviour, jokes/banter that stereotype women or menor focus on their appearance), bullying, harassment, discrimination, you have the following options:

- Contact the School of Mathematics Dignity and Respect advisors (currently Sharon Greig and Clark Barwick) to discuss it confidentially

- Contact your line manager

- Contact a University Dignity and Respect Advisor for informal confidential discussion of the incidence with someone outside of the School (by contacting

- Raise a formal complaint as set out in the University Dignity & Respect policy.

Here is University guidance how to raise concerns.

Role of School D&R advisors: the advisors are there to listen to your concerns in a non-judgemental manner and support you in trying to resolve the situation.

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