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School and University Policies

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School and University Policies

School Policies:

  • Core hours policy: all meetings that involve the whole School (such as School Forum, School Colloquium, Board of Studies, etc) are to take place within the core hours between 1000 - 1600 hrs
  • E-Diversity in the Workplace and Unconscious Bias Training for *all* staff involved in student or staff recruitment
  • Mentoring: all new academic staff are provided with a School mentor who can give advice and guidance on the School and it's operations.  The University also has Mentoring Connections programme which is available for all staff.   All staff should be able to seek mentoring advice (for example on personal development, career directions).  This can come from a variety of sources such as line managers/PIs or specific role holders (for example Heads of Research Groups, Theme Leaders, Director of Teaching, Director of Research).
  • Seminar and colloquium speaker gender bias: the aim is to achieve gender balance of seminar speakers.  If a seminar series or a colloquium had less than the current average percentage of female speakers (currently ~20%), organisers are asked to write a note explaining the reasons for that being the case.
  • Contribution to caring costs associated with conference or workshop attendance - small awards (of up to £200) are available to staff and PhD students and also external visitors to the School.  Applications should be submitted to Jill Douglas.  The Athena Forum have issued a statement confirming that such costs are tax exempt.
  • The School has guidelines for academic members of staff returning to work after maternity leave.


University Policies: 

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