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“As teachers, it is important for us to understand the shifting pressures affecting this generation of students if our efforts are to be relevant to them. “


Summary of resources on equality and diversity in curriculum


1. Currently, there is a UoE task group on promoting inclusion, equality and diversity in the curriculum.

2. General advice. The Open University has produced practical resources for creating their courses, including

- General guidance on accessibility in curriculum

- OU Language and Image Guide.  It contains guidance on representing different forms of diversity including; age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic difference.

- A checklist for course accessibility.

3. Detailed advice

3.1. Women in a contemporary classroom: strategies of inclusion (from Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University).

3 pages of practical advice how to make participation in the classroom discussion more uniform.

3.2 Race equality toolkit from Scottish Universities (pages 24-51, Sections 3-5) 

A detailed and practical advice how to promote equality of race (and more generally, of religion) curriculum (Section 3), Teaching and Learning (Section 4) and in Assessment (Section 5) from Scottish Universities.

3.3. LGBT+ Diversity in Curriculum (recommendations from "NUS report into LGBT+ student experiences")

Reading lists and course content to include a diverse range of perspectives (not only books written by European white males).

Tutor and lecturer training could also include elements such as advice on discussing topics that some people from these groups may find distressing, and using language that avoids mis-gendering transgender students.

Include LGBT perspectives and authors in curricula and raise students’ awareness on equality and diversity issues to prevent ignorant or offensive comments in social or teaching spaces.


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