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Web usage analysis

19 March 2014, 15:39 — David Marsh Tags:

Web usage tracking is now being installed on the School's websites to allow School staff to analyse the usage of our websites (such as what information is most popular, how most visitors reach our websites) and to help to inform where improvements to the websites can be made.

Tracking functionality has been installed

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Website editor instructions updated

17 January 2014, 11:16 — David Marsh Tags:

The website editor instructions for the www.maths website have been updated, because of changes to make it easier to add/edit pages in the new website design. Site editors are asked to please take a quick look at the instructions to learn about the changes.

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IT Support during the winter holidays

20 December 2013, 16:05 — David Marsh Tags:

Information about IT Support cover during the winter holidays.

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New Xservers

19 September 2013, 11:31 — David Marsh Tags:

We now have four operational xservers that users can connect to remotely. See the list of servers at the bottom of the IT Support main page.

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Maths IT is moving

1 May 2013, 14:58 — Website administrator Tags:

The Maths IT team is in the process of moving offices.

As part of the move, we will have a dedicated office for walk-in service for the Maths IT Helpdesk.

We have published our redesigned IT Support home page already, but a formal announcement of the new IT Helpdesk arrangements will follow later.

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New banner for the School of Maths

11 January 2013, 14:54 Tags: None

A new banner has been produced for use at public events such as open days.

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Harmonic Analysis Workshop

10 December 2012, 15:26 Tags:

On Wednesday 12th December, there will be a Harmonic Analysis Workshop at ICMS, organised by Jim Wright.

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Internal news web pages redeveloped

27 November 2012, 15:50 — David Marsh Tags: ,

The internal news webpages have been redeveloped, in order to provide a place where members of the School can post news about internal matters which are mainly only of local interest to members of the School, such as admin news, IT news, etc.

News which is intended for a wider public

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