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Changes to King's Buildings bus services from Sun 1 June 2014

19 May 2014, 14:42 — David Marsh

There are a significant number of route and timetable changes to Lothian Buses services from Sunday 1 June 2014, timed to coincide with the tram service starting on Saturday 31 May. Some of these changes will affect buses to King's Buildings.

Service 41 from city centre to King's Buildings, now 4 times an hour

In particular, service 41 will now serve King's Buildings 4 times an hour (from/to Cramond and the city centre), which is a substantial improvement. On Sundays, alternate service 41 buses will serve King's Buildings or Morningside (Balcarres Street), and Sunday evening services will be extended to King's Buildings from Blackford Station.

Morningside and Craiglockhart bus route changes

If travelling from/to Morningside, the southwestern branch of service 41 will decrease to now only run once per hour from a shortened terminus at Balcarres Street, onwards to Blackford Station (and then as far as Hanover Street only).

Service 23 will be changed to a single route only serving Greenbank, and will no longer have a branch to Craiglockhart. Service 36 will be substantially changed and will serve Craiglockhart Campus, Morningside Drive, Morningside, Bruntsfield, West End and then onwards to Ocean Terminal.

The service 38 route still runs between Morningside and King's Buildings and beyond.

Route changes on The Mound for services 41, 42, 67

In the city centre, services 41 and 42 are altered to travel via Waverley Bridge and Princes Street (and Frederick Street for service 42) northbound, but will continue to run via Hanover Street and The Mound southbound. Service 67 will run via Waverley Bridge in both directions.

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