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Problems with NX Client access to gateway computers

4 December 2014, 16:12 — David Marsh

A number of people have reported problems connecting to the remote login gateway computers using NX Client. If you experience problems when using NX Client, please send a support request, including the following information:

  • your OS (Windows, OS X, Linux, etc) and version
  • the version of NX Client / NoMachine that you are running
  • the IP address of the computer you are connecting from (ie, the computer you are running NX Client from)
      for example, via:
  • the exact time (and timezone if you are not currently in the UK) that you are trying to connect at
  • the hostname of the gateway computer that you were trying to connect to
  • any logging information that NX Client generates

If you have problems connecting to one of the gateway computers, please try another, in case you are able to connect there instead.

We are looking into the cause of this problem at present.

ssh access to the gateway computers should not be affected.

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