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Update to Office 2013 on Windows 7

26 June 2015, 10:42 — David Marsh

The University is updating the version of Office on managed and jointly-managed Windows 7 computers from Office 2010 to Office 2013.

Managed desktop computers

Office 2013 will be installed on Maths Windows 7 desktop computers automatically overnight on Monday 29 June 2015. Your computer might display an icon in the taskbar advising of pending software updates, and might request that you reboot your computer, if it is necessary to do so.

Managed laptops

Office 2013 will not be installed automatically. You should install Office 2013 using the Application Catalog when convenient to do so.

Unmanaged University-owned computers

Please ask Maths IT Support for advice.

Personally-owned computers

The University's licence arrangement now allows staff and students to install Microsoft Office on personally owned computers or mobile devices free of charge via Office 365. There are also alternatives to Microsoft Office, such as LibreOffice.

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