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Working with industry: consultancy… and research

The School of Mathematics is generally happy to consider proposals for staff to undertake consultancy, particularly as a route towards developing new links with industry or other external bodies.

University of Edinburgh academics are entitled to 60 days a year for consultancy work (without detriment to employment duties) although permission from the Head of School is required - as is the case with funded research. In many cases, a short consultancy project is a good way to begin working with a company, providing a focused piece of work with a clear outcome. Wherever possible, the School prefers consultancy projects to be approached with the intention to build on the relationship, and potentially move on to larger projects with the industry partner. Developing a collaborative, funded research project is of much greater long-term benefit to the individual researcher, the School and the University.

In all cases, if you receive an approach to work with an industrial contact, speak to the School of Mathematics BDE, Davey Fitch, in the first instance.

You can also access or download the (very useful) School of Mathematics consultancy guidance document.

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