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Ethics Procedure

All research conducted within the School of Mathematics should follow the ethics regulations of the College and University. This requires review and approval for research projects (including grant and fellowship applications, PhD, MSc and undergraduate projects) that involves one of the following:

  • human participants (see guidance for carrying out a Research Data Protection Impact Assessment),
  • animals,
  • confidential or personal data,
  • developing countries,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • military applications,
  • organisations that may be perceived as terrorist.

To comply with this, staff starting a new research project should follow the ethics procedure below:

  1. consider whether the project involves any of the issues listed; if not, no further action is necessary;
  2. if the project does involve some of these issues, complete the self-assessment form, email it to the Research Administrator and retain a copy; if all the answers to the yes/no questions in the form are 'no', no further action is necessary*;
  3. if at least one answer is 'yes', contact the Deputy Director of Research, Arend Bayer who will advise and, if necessary, convene an ad hoc Ethics Committee to review the project and notify the Head of School.
  4. Academic supervisors must complete the checklist if their student's research proposal involves the use of personal data.


Please complete the online Data Protection training course within LEARN which is mandatory for every staff member who handles personal data. As almost all academic and professional services staff have access to, and deal with, such data through their roles as personal tutors, research grant writers, lecturers, interviewers etc., we believe that this applies to us all and so wish everyone to undertake the training. This is accessible by either searching LEARN or opening LEARN and pasting the link below:

If you undertake research which involves identifiable personal data, you will also need to complete the additional Data Protection in Research training course within LEARN which is mandatory for every staff member conducting such research. This is accessible by either searching LEARN or opening LEARN and pasting the link below:

Researchers will need to ensure that they meet the requirements of the legislation.  In addition undergraduate and postgraduate students doing research work (e.g. for dissertation work or MSc projects) that uses personal data in any way also have to comply with GDPR legislation. Guidance for research is available from

Online training on Research Ethics and Integrity is available.

Research Integrity

To ensure the highest standards of research, the School follows the College of Science and Engineering's approach to Research Integrity.

Research Council UK have requested that there are policies in place to govern good research practice and investigate allegations of misconduct. The University is responsible for ensuring that the research it supports is carried out legally, in the public interest and in accordance with best practice. This Research Misconduct Policy sets out the principles and procedures for making, managing and investigating allegations of research misconduct. This policy applies to anyone involved in research in the University, whether as an employee, student, research manager or in some other capacity, such as a visitor or external research collaborator. All employees of the University and individuals permitted to work in the University have the responsibility to report any cases of suspected research misconduct. All those individuals undertaking research at the University are obliged to comply with this procedure.

Any School allegation of research misconduct needs to be reported using this form which should be completed and emailed to the Head of School (HoS).  HoS is the first point of contact (or the Head of College if the complaint is against the HoS).  Allegations will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Please see the University's Research Misconduct Policy for further information.

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