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The Mathematical Sciences prioritisation panel at which new fellowship proposals will be considered meet twice a year (early June and end of November).  Proposals should be submitted a minimum of 4 months (early February/end of July) before the panel meeting to allow sufficient time for processing and peer review.

Fellowships are available in several thematic areas and for different career stages.

Statistics and Applied Probability (Postdoctoral; Early Career; Established Career)

Intradisciplinary Mathematics (Postdoctoral; Early Career)

New Connections from Mathematical Sciences (Postdoctoral; Early Career; Established Career)

Mathematical Aspects of Operational Research (Postdoctoral; Early Career)

Continuum Mathematics and Advanced Materials in the Mathematical Sciences (Postdoctoral; Early Career)

New Investigator Awards

The New Investigator Award scheme is to support individulas who have recently acquired their first academic lecturing position, have not previously lead an academic research group or been the receipient of a significant award (usually defined as those which included PDRA time or were in excess of £100,000 (FEC)).

The New Investigator Award scheme can only be applied to once, whether previous applications were successful or not, except when permission to resubmit an application is invited after peer review.  Proposals are considered in competition with other New Investigator Awards.

Standard Research

Standard Research is the largest funding scheme used to deliver a wide range of grants of varying amounts and durations.  There are no closing dates so you can apply at any time.  Includes Overseas Travel Grants – small grants providing short-term funding for visits to non-UK centres to study techniques or develop international collaborations.

Networking and Workshops

You can submit proposals for networking activities or include them in a larger research grant proposal.

Programme Grants

Programme Grants are a flexible mechanism to provide funding to world-leading research groups to address significant major research challenges.   

Applicants must discuss their suitability with EPSRC before submitting an Outline application.

Platform Grants

 Platform grants are a flexible mechanism of providing underpinning funding to well established, world leading research groups.

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