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Incentives for Grant Applications and Grant Awards

1) There are several types of grant activity for which there is clearly greater capacity within the School.

  • Programme grants.
  • 3 year responsive mode grants (typically >£300K).
  • Grants with industrial/non-academic ingredients and potential for REF-like impact.
  • Postdoctoral fellowships, to encourage young researchers not already here to come to the School.


For these grant applications the School will award £300 to supplement the PI's own annual travel & visitor budget, or exceptionally to the PI’s Research Group or Theme.  For postdoctoral fellowships the award will be made to the mentor.

For successful applications we will award 5% of the research overheads for the PI to assign to his/her Research Group(s) or Theme(s) of choice.


  • The list of grants is not exhaustive, and there may be grants that do not fall clearly into this rubric but that are still significant enough that they should be covered by this scheme. This will be left to the discretion of the Head of School (HoS), who may seek advice from the Director of Research or the School Research Committee.
  • Staff applying for a grant with funds available for travel will be expected to fund their travels primarily from the grant if awarded. (This happens in practice on the whole anyway.)
  • To help to optimise staff travel & visitor budgets, please note that funds may accumulate for 2 years, giving a current potential of £1300 every two years.  The funds may also be used to invite visitors to Edinburgh.
  • The School will not award a percentage of the research overheads for programme grants.


2) Many of our grant proposals request PI time at some level percentage between 10% and 30%.

For future grants, there will be recognition of the PI time awarded by an appropriate reduction in the time allocated for teaching and administration.

Since the percentage of PI time bought out refers to the whole spectrum of an individual's activity, and because some duties, such as lecturing, are not easily broken up into small pieces, the actual details of the reduction will be up to HoS's judgement. This will, however, reflect the scale of the PI time requested as far as possible.

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