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PURE is the University's research management information system, for use by researchers, administrators and managers across the University.

All academic staff and postdoctoral researchers should upload details of their papers published since 1 January 2008 into PURE; they can also upload earlier publications if they choose. What follows are brief instructions for doing this by importing data from Web of Knowledge.

Importing data from Web of Knowledge

  1. Go to; after Ease identification, select a frequency for emails sent to you by Pure (e.g. 'Never') and you shoud be on your personal Pure pages; 
  2. Select 'Add new' on the top right corner;
  3. In the page 'Choose submission' that opens, select 'Research output' from the left menu, then 'Import from an online source';
  4. Select '...Web of Knowledge', type in 'last name, initial' in the box 'Author's last name' and, unless your name is uncommon, 'Univ Edinburgh' in the box 'Organisation name' (or similar for other institutions, see to find their names);
  5. Click the 'Search' button; a list of publications should now appear;
  6. For each paper you want to import, click on 'Import', then check that you are identified as staff of the School of Maths and that your co-authors are identified as 'external' unless they really are from the University of Edinburgh (the system makes silly assumptions if co-authors have a namesake in the University or sometimes matches their institutions incorrectly; select 'No match' besides their names and besides their institution if this happens); click on 'Import' and finally, if you are happy with the data for that paper, 'Save';
  7. Repeat with other papers. 

Imports from Web of Knowledge come with a doi which makes it easy to access published papers. Preprints can be upoloaded by hand as follows:

Creating from a template

  1. Steps 1-3 as above, but select 'Create from template', then the type of output;
  2. Fill in the fields you can complete (* indicates mandatory fields);
  3. Include a link to a URL where the preprint can be accessed (e.g. your home page); this is important for papers that may be part of the REF submission and hence will need to be accessed by mock-REF reviewers;
  4. Save.

  1. The data for each paper can be edited later on (simply by clicking on the paper in the 'Reseacrh output' list);
  2. It is possible to import data from the arXiv rather than Web of Knowledge, but this seems clumsy (several fields need to be introduced by hand);
  3. It may be that papers you have not written appear on your record because of the misattribution of a co-author (see point 4 in 'Importing data...' above); at some point there will be a procedure to get this corrected;
  4. The default position in PURE is that all content is publicly visible via the Edinburgh Research Explorer except for In Press or In Preparation research ouptputs).  But you can change this for each individual content type (see how to guide)
  5. Help and support for Pure is available from the bottom right corner of your personal Pure page or contact Jill Douglas.
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