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Research Data Management Programme

Why is data management important?

Data management is good research practice. Most research funders, including EPSRC, have strict requirements about the management of data generated by the research they fund (see RCUK expectations).

Benefits of managing your data

By managing your data well you can:

  • Find and understand it when needed
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Validate your results if necessary
  • Ensure your research is visible and has impact
  • Get credit when others cite your work
  • Comply with Funder mandate

Drivers for managing and sharing your data

  • The University's mission is the "creation, dissemination and curation of knowledge"
  • OECD describes data as a public good that should be made available
  • RCUK in its 2009 code of good research conduct says data should be preserved and accessible for 10+ years
  • Research Funder data policies increasingly demanding of institutional commitment and encourage or mandate the creation of a research data management plan and the deposit of research data in a recognsed data centre where such exist
  • Many leading journals require underlying datasets also to be published or made accessible as part of the essential evidence base of a schorlarly article

How to share your data?

The university is offering DataShare as a permanent, open repository for your data. You can upload your codes and data there and receive a unique identifier (doi) that you can reference in your papers. 

DataSync is a "DropBox" like file hosting service for non-senstive data, running ownCloud software but fully hosted and managed within the University of Edinburgh.  You can use DataSync to share files with colleagues both within and outwith the University.  DataSync has an app to synchronise data to computers and mobile devices, and a web interface to allow access to data from any web browser.  

Further Information

  • Research Data Management website
  • Summary of RDM services available
  • DataShare is an online digital repository of multi-discplinary research datasets produced at the University of Edinburgh.  A persistent identifier and suggested citation will be provided.
  • Subversion is a version control tool which allows users to store code.  It is also available as an extension called SourcEd which provides a web based collaboration tool integrated with your repository.
  • The Concordat on Open Research Data proposes a series of clear and practical principles for working with research data that cover the many roles needed to support the research process.  It is not a rulebook, but a set of expectations of best practice developed by the research community itself.
  • DPMonline is an online tool which researchers can use to help them write Data Management Plans which will meet the requirements of their funders, it currently contains draft University of Edinburgh guidance and this will developed further in the months to come.
  • The Research Data Blog is regularly updated with information on the systems and services being developed as well as reports from external RDM related events.
  • MANTRA is an online RDM training programme designed and created by Edina and the Data Library.  It's a great place for any researcher new to RDM to start learning more.
  • Slides from School presentation given on 24 April 2018
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