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Programme Director

The Programme Director is responsible for the smooth running of the programme, including promotion and admission, plus coordination of teaching delivery, examinations, programme evaluation, and curriculum development. It is also the Programme Director's role to act as arbitrator in the case of requests for deadline extensions and any other academic issues relating to individual courses that cannot be resolved between the student and the course lecturer.

Personal Tutors

Each student will be assigned to a Personal Tutor. Your Personal Tutor is available as a first line of advice for any academic issues which may arise whilst you are on the Programme. He/she is charged with facilitating your orientation and smooth progression through the degree, from initial induction to subsequent course choice, and the transition into the project/dissertation stage to successful completion. He/she is also available to provide first line pastoral support. You are strongly advised to inform your Personal Tutor immediately of any problems that are interfering with your coursework or progress through the Programme, including any religious or medical requirements that might affect your participation in any aspect of the Programme.

Representation and feedback

Student feedback and evaluation is a valued input to curriculum and programme review and development of the University of Edinburgh. Formally, students are asked to complete evaluation forms for each course they take, and to attend (or select representatives for) staff-student meetings. Representatives are also welcome to participate in the Edinburgh University Students' Association. Informal feedback is welcome at any time.

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