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Assessment requirements

To determine the overall assessment of the taught component on the University Common Marking Scale (UCMS), courses are weighted. Each full course (10 points) has a weighting of 1/12 and each half course (5 points) has a weighting of 1/24. The UCMS mark for the taught component of the programme is the weighted average over courses (compulsory and optional courses). Sufficient conditions for the various awards that can be made are as follows

 DiplomaMScMSc with MeritMSc with Distinction
Courses average 40% 50% 60% 70%
80 points at 50 no yes yes yes
80 points at 40 yes - - -
120 points at 40 - - yes yes
Project/Dissertation no 50% 60% 70%


Upon completion of the taught component of the programme, any student satisfying the conditions set out in the "MSc" column of the table above will be permitted to proceed to the dissertation. Note that candidates are not allowed to re-sit a paper in order to be considered for the award of MSc.

Unsatisfactory performance

Under the rules of the University, the Head of the School of Mathematics can, on the advice of the Programme Director, formally request a student who is not performing adequately, or has otherwise breached University discipline, to withdraw from the programme at any time during the programme.

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