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There will be examinations during the Exam Weeks of Semester 1, and the remaining examinations will be in April/May. Students must attend all examinations. Students who do not attend an examination will be deemed to have failed it unless an appropriate medical certificate is sent to the Programme Director within five days of the date of the examination. Students will not be excused from the examinations because of holiday plans.

The Registry will give details of the location of each examination once this is known. There are no resit examinations for any of the courses on the Statistics MSc programmes.

Script books

Answers to examinations are written in script books.

  • The front cover contains instructions and must be completed clearly in ink. Although you give personal details in the right hand margin, these are obscured for anonymous marking by folding over the edge of the page and sealing it.
  • The back cover lists Exam Hall Regulations.
  • The pages are lined with right and left hand margins. You are asked not to write in the right hand margin to leave space for markers' notes. Do not write in red ink since this is used for markers' notes.

If you run out of space in a script book, you should ask an invigilator for paper and attach it using the hole in the top left hand corner of the script book.

Student Cards

You are required to bring your student card to the examination and lay it down on your desk so that it can be seen by the invigilator. If you forget your student card you will have to complete a form during the examination.


You may take a scientific calculator into examinations but it must not be a graphical calculator and it must not be able to communicate with any other device.

Examples of acceptable calculators (specified by the College of Science and Engineering) are

  • Casio fx85 (any version)
  • Casio fx83 (any version)
  • Casio fx82 (any version)

Mobile communication devices

Mobile communication devices must be switched off in any examination or class test.


University regulations now state that dictionaries are not allowed in examinations since students are only admitted with a good standard of English.

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