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Programme Procedures


Lecture attendance is compulsory. The Programme Director must be notified in writing, or by e-mail, of absence of more than a week from lectures for medical, personal, or other reasons.

Combining work and study

It should be stressed that the programme is full-time. Therefore it is not recommended that students take any employment. The University recommends a full time student not to work more than 16 hours per week during term or during the summer months when the MSc dissertation is prepared. Students can take a part-time job only under the condition that such an activity will not adversely affect their performance on the MSc. Any part-time job which would exceed 16 hours per week needs special permission from the Programme Director.

Coursework, cover sheets and group assignments

The coursework requirements-case studies, essays, and other projects-vary between courses, as does the balance of the methods of assessment. The weighting of coursework and examinations for individual courses is given in the information for each course. All coursework must be submitted with a completed cover sheet, stapled in the top left corner, and deposited in the appropriate section of the cabinet outside the MSc lecture room (1501). Completed work must not be handed directly to staff or submitted by any other means. Cover sheets are available in 1501 (and on-line) and have a number of functions.

  • They provide fields for a clear statement of the student's name and matriculation number
  • They contain an "own work declaration" that may be used in cases of suspected plagiarism
  • They allow comments on the coursework to be communicated to the lecturer
  • They enable the coursework mark and written feedback to be returned to the student

Until a completed cover sheet has been provided, the work will not be considered to have been submitted. Note that in completing the cover sheet, you are also considered to have signed the University of Edinburgh “Own work declaration” cover sheet which is posted in the MSc lecture room (1501).

All students must adhere to deadlines for the submission of work. Work handed in late will incur a penalty in that the mark will be reduced by 5% of the maximum mark per day up to five days, after which a mark of zero will be given. Note that the reference to "days" includes weekends and public holidays. Students may not, for example, submit work on a Monday morning for a Friday deadline in the expectation that no late penalty will be applied. If there is likely to be a delay due to illness or other crisis, the Programme Director must be informed in writing before an extension can be granted.

A major aspect of some of the course assignments is group work and the presentation of the group's conclusions. While it is possible for individual students to sit back and let more energetic and industrious team members to do all the work, these individuals will lose an important opportunity to practise their managerial skills in a context in which there are no losers. It is our belief that as decision-making in organisations becomes both more technical and complex, the interpersonal skills required of effective OR analysts also increase. Members of groups who do not, in the view of their colleagues, make a contribution to group work may be omitted from the list of members of the group producing the work. The omitted group member may appeal to the Programme Director, but will otherwise forfeit marks for that piece of work. Students who are omitted by their group from an excessive number of assignments may be subject to disciplinary proceedings, potentially leading to termination of their studies.

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