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CO duties: New (or nearly new) for 2017-18

  1. Mid-semester freedback: be sure to do it AND be sure to give feedback to the class. 
  2. Learning Profiles: these will not arrive with you by paper/email.  Rather, you MUST access them via the new system - the link is in the very first box on the Euclid "Students" page. Implimentation of Learning profiles is compulsory.
  3. Attendance monitoring is now done by COs (or other course team members) using Top Hat in each workshop orwkly in a lecture. 
  4. Late hand-ins: COs may authorise extensions for late hand-ins of up to 7 days only.  Please insist that students use the official form to request this (available at If it is a substantial piece of work please discuss with SLA before doing so. 
  5. "MediaHopper Replay", the new lecture recording software is now available in large teaching venues.  Use is optional.  If it is available and you use it,  try and keep expectations low (eg "it's a pilot ... we hope it will be useful but we can't be sure how well it will work this first time ...").  If you decide not to, have a reason if students ask. 
  6. UoE has a new reading list publication system that you may wish to use  (
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