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Lecture recording (aka "Lecture Capture" or "Mediahopper Replay")

UoE has a major 3-year project to equip 400 "core teaching spaces" with cameras so that lectures (and other events?) can be recorded. See for general information, training, etc. 

In Year 1 (1917-18), 114 teaching spaces will be available.  This includes pretty much all reasonably large lecture rooms. 

  • In JCMB the enabled rooms are: LT A,B and C; 1501, 6201, 6206. 
  • In Central Area, among included rooms are all the lecture spaces in AT, DHT and 50 Georege Square are included. 

See for details. 

Chalkboard recording

Chalkboard recording involves augmenting the system with cameras that can be focussed on individual blackboards.  This is intended to make lecture capture compatible with blackboard-based lecturing.  The system is non-trivial to use and training is recommended.   

See for more details. 

Current experiments in JCMB 6206 suggest that the "standard" set-up with a sngle camera covering the presentation area does not work well for blackboards.

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