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Attendance taking with Top Hat

Top Hat provides a mechanism for attendance to be taken that is quick and avoids excessive work in MTO.  Attendance for a course should be taken either in each workshop (as in our previous procedure) or weekly in a lecture.  The CO chooses which option to adopt: different options may be more convenient for different classes. 

  • Lectures. If you are already using Top Hat in lectures, or if you have a lecture that has many different workshops, then taking attendance is the lecture will be most straightforward: it should be done once per week, on the same day.
  • Workshops. If you are taking attendance during Workshops (which replicates what we used to do), then a separate attendance should be taken in each Workshop. Therefore each Supertutor (the person in charge of the tutorial) should be instructed to take the attendance using TopHat, and so must have access as below.

Creating a professor account

A Top Hat "Course" corresponding to your course will be created by MTO unless you have chosen to create your own.  

If you are responsible for taking attendance you will need a Top Hat "professor" account.  This is EASE authenticated: no separate username or password is required. 

See the instructions at  Be sure NOT to choose the "SSO Bypass" UoE option. 

You are prompted to create a course. You can either choose not to, or you may want to create a "test course" for personal experiments. 

Once you have an account, you will be enrolled as a "professor" on the corresponding course by MTO.  Student enrolment is via an automated link to Learn. This link will be activated by MTO who will also regularly update for the first couple of weeks so that students on Learn with Top Hat accounts are enrolled into your Top Hat course. (If you find a need to operate this yourself, it is under "Settings (the cog-wheel) / Course settings / LMS Integration" in your Top Hat course.   

Student accounts

Students need to have a Top Hat account before they can be automatically enrolled. Most students in higher years will have one from previous study, but not students from outside SoM, Year 3 2+2 students, etc.   It is therefore helpful to put a link on Learn for students to open a Top Hat account, although it should be pointed out that it is only necessary to do this once in your UoE career. The link should be to

Taking an attendance

  • Login to Top Hat via UoE using EASE
  • You will then go to your homepage, and there (once the Top Hat course has been created)  you will see the Course that you are responsible for. Click it!
  • You are now on the homepage for your course. Click on “Create” which is on the left, near the top. This opens a drop-down menu. Second from bottom is “Quick Attendance”. Click it!
  • This produces a four digit code that the students use to confirm their attendance. Tell the students the number, either by displaying it or writing it on a board. As long as you keep this page open the students can confirm their attendance (you can use “minimise and keep open” to show other things on the screen). When you want to stop the students being able to confirm their attendance, click “Finish”. And that’s it!   NOTE: do close the attendance taking once the process is complete, otherwise students will be able to sign up very much later. 

The course secretary will download the attendance form from Top Hat in due course and deal with it from there.

(Optional) If you would like to see the attendance data in your lectures or workshops

-         choose the “GRADEBOOK” near the top left

-         decide to show the grades (following the advice!)

-         select the “Attendance” tab.

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