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Information for 2017-18 session

Personal Tutors are required to have an individual meeting with all of their tutees at the beginning of Semester 1 of each academic year. In addition, tutees in pre-Honours years (1-2) are required to have an additional meeting at the beginning of Semester 2. 

The Personal Tutor form (Word and pdf formats) provides a useful template for you to use at your 1:1 meetings in both semesters. For Semester 1 meetings, there is a checklist of administrative items to cover. 

If at any time a Personal Tutors feels that there is a conflict of interest, which might prevent them acting solely on behalf of the student, they should discuss the issues with a Senior Personal Tutor.

Personal Tutoring Events 2017-18

  • Personal Tutoring duties start in Welcome Week (known as 'week 0'), which is the week beginning Monday 11th September 2017
  • Meet your Personal Tutees, Monday 11th September, 11:30-12:30, JCMB Level 3 Magnet Cafe (for PTs of newly arriving students only): An opportunity for you to meet your new tutees informally over tea and coffee. 
  • School PT Update Meeting: Monday 11th September, 1-2:30pm, JCMB 5328 (formerly 5215). 
  • College New PT Induction: TBC

Further Information

  • Before you start you need to be familiar with EUCLID , see Course Information, Enrolment and TimeTables in left-hand menu.
  • The College has a Taught Student Support wiki, which includes links to the following topics :
    • The PT system
    • Academic Services and Disclosure of Information
    • College Student Support Committee
    • Student Support Services
    • Student Representation
    • News and Updates
    • Contacts

In these pages you should be able to find answer to most questions that may be put to you, or may arise naturally. It is suggested that all new Personal Tutors read the first three items above before Week 1.  However, the entire site is dauntingly long.  Please do not think that you have to know every bit of information before the the start of week 1.

See also the College Taught Student Administration information.

School of Mathematics Personal Tutor Statement (Undergraduate)

Expectations of Personal Tutors
Expectations of Students
- to welcome new tutees, and to follow the progress of all of their students - to check their University email account regularly for communications from their Personal Tutor, and to respond promptly to requests for information
- to guide the students in their course choices and advise them on study difficulties - to ensure their details are up-to-date on MyEd. this includes updating contact details, and notifying the Personal Tutor of any discrepancies in course details
- to offer advice and support when personal or health problems are affecting the students' studies - to meet with their Personal Tutor when asked to do so
- to refer to students where appropriate to more specialist sources of information and guidance - to inform their Personal Tutor in good time of any problems affecting their studies, and so enable effective support to be offered
- to provide a reference for a future employer or programme of study - to provide the Personal Tutor with background information s/he needs, eg. to advise on Special Circumstance or to write a reference
- to respond promptly (normally within three working days) to a request for contact; where this is not feasible, the Personal Tutor should alert the relevant person in the School - to take due account of advice or information given
- should the case arise, to advise and support the student, eg. in Special Circumstances, disciplinary or appeal matters - to make themselves aware of regulations and procedures relevant to their studies, and to seek advice where they are unsure of what is required

[ Source : Extract from "Academic and Pastoral Support at Edinburgh: Standards and Guiding Principles", dated 16 June 2010 - original document referred to 'Director of Studies' ]

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