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Honours Course Fair

Course Fair Information 4th April 2018

DRPS 2018/19

Course Outlines:

· Financial Mathematics
· Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
· Introduction to Number Theory
· Combinatorics and Graph Theory
· Geometry
· Numerical Linear Algebra
· Mathematical Education
· Entrepreneurship in the Mathematical Sciences
· Mathematical Biology
· Commutative Algebra
· Probability, Measure & Finance
· Numerical Partial Differential Equations
· Essentials in Analysis and Probability
· Fourier Analysis
· Applied Stochastic Differential Equations
· General Topology
· Algebraic Topology
· Group Theory
· Galois Theory
· Linear Analysis
· Advanced Methods of Applied Mathematics
· Differentiable Manifolds
· Symmetry and Geometry
· Statistical Consultancy
· Algebraic Geometry
· Applied Dynamical Systems
· Topics in Mathematical Physics
· Real Analysis
· Theory of Elliptical Partial Differential Equations
· Geometry of General Relativity
· Multi-scale Methods in Mathematical Modelling
· Interactions in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology
· Topics in Noncommutative Algebra
· Variational Calculus
· Mathematics of Data Assimilation
· Mathematics in Action B
· Finance, Risk and Uncertainty
· Financial Risk Theory

Honours Statistics Courses:
· Statistical Computing
· Statistical Methodology
· Statistical Consultancy
· Applied Statistics
· Statistical Learning
· Bayesian Theory
· Incomplete Data Analysis
· The Analysis of Survival Data
· Generalised Regression Models
· Non-Parametric Regression Models
· Bayesian Data Analysis
· Time Series Analysis

Optimization and OR Stream Courses:
· Linear Programming, Modelling and Solution
· Stochastic Modelling
· Fundamentals of Operational Research
· Fundamentals of Optimization
· Large Scale Optimization for Data Science
· Optimization Methods in Finance
· Topics in Applied Operational Research
· Risk and Logistics
· Integer and Combinatorial Optimization
· Operational Research in the Energy Industry
· Topics in Applied Optimization  


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