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Sources of Funding

In This Section

There are a number of vacation Scholarship and Bursary opportunities linked below. 

The College of Science and Engineering

External Bodies

  • The London Mathematical Society A rate of £180 per week for a period of between 6 and 8 weeks. Closing Date Friday 16 February 2018. Applications are made by the project supervisor.
  • The Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Cormack Undergraduate Vacation Research Scholarship. For those interested in Astronomy. All Scholarships have a duration of six weeks and carry a value of £200 a week. A potential supervisor for such projects is Dr M Ruffert and students should contact him to explore the feasibility of a project. Last years Closing Date was March 30, 2017. Details for this year are not available.
  • Medical Research Scotland For 6-8 weeks with a £250 per week stipend. Closing Date Thursday 1st February 2018. Applications must be made by supervisors.

School of Mathematics

The school has a number of scholarships. We require

  • Students to have applied for one or more of the above Scholarships or Bursaries. In the case of a College submission the same application material may be reused.
  • A condition of acceptance is that a link to the completed project will be placed on a School webpage.
  • The scholarship is for 6 weeks at £135 per week.

 The closing date is 5pm March 23rd. School offers are made after the results of College decisions are made known. (The latter is often early to mid April.)

School of Mathematics Application Form [Word]

School of Mathematics Application Form [PDF]

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