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Year 2



There will be a welcome meeting  on Friday 15th September at 2-3pm  in the James Clerk Maxwell Building,  Lecture Th. A.

The year coordinator is Nikolaos Bournaveas (room 4614,  The year secretary is Martin Delaney (room 5211,

All second year exams are "open-book". You are allowed to bring to the examination hall the official course textbook(s), your personal notes (there is no page limit), any notes that the lecturer has provided, and a calculator. Here is the statement that you will find on the front cover of maths exam papers:

"A scientific calculator is permitted in this examination.  It must not
be a graphical calculator.  It must not be able to communicate with any
other device."

In some cases dictionaries are allowed as well.

Assessment is based on a combined mark of x% exam + y% coursework. Each course has its own x and y. For  SVCDE and FPM, x=85 and y=15. To pass an exam you need both the exam mark and the combined mark to be at least 40. This rule applies both to the main exam and the resit exam.

You will receive more information about tutorials/workshops and hand-ins soon. We can not accept late hand-ins or electronic submissions. Attendance at tutorials is monitored. Please explore the links on the left for more information on non-attendance monitoring.

The undergraduate common room and work room is the  Maths Hub, JCMB room 5312.

The Computer Lab is in JCMB, room 5205.

For more information on course choice see Year 2 Course choices.






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