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Year 4 Information 2017/18

Welcome to Year 4!

There will be a Welcome Meeting, Prize Giving Ceremony and a Welcome Lecture on Friday of Week 0. 


The Year 4 coordinator in Semester 1 is Joan Simon,, Tel: 650 8571, room 5316 and in Semester 2 is James Lucietti,, Tel: 651 7179, room 6318.

The Year 4 secretary is Alison Fairgrieve, Tel: 650 5045, room 5211.

Here are the key Year 4 people.

Course and Project options

  • The course fair at the end of last semester was an opportunity for you see the full range of course options and speak to the lecturers. You will have been asked to submit your provisional course options to MTO. You must confirm and register your course options with your PT (or Year Secretary) in week 0. See the Vital Regulations and Deadlines below.
  • For details about the Level 10 and 11 courses being offered this year in the School of Mathematics see DRPS and PATH, and we've written a guide to help you with your choice of courses.  
  • Information about projects can be found on the UG Projects and dissertations page. The Projects Organiser is Vanya Cheltsov.
  • Your options for courses and project will be governed to some extent by the regulations governing your degree programme. See DRPS and PATH.
  • Mathematical Education: places are limited, please contact George Kinnear or Ruth Forrester for further details.
  • Single Honours students and some Combined Honours students have the option of taking Outside Courses (i.e. courses in Schools other than Mathematics). See the regulations governing your degree. Note that the following courses in Schools other than Mathematics are deemed to be Mathematics courses proper, and so do not count as ‘Outside Courses’: (i) Computer Algebra (School of Informatics), (ii) Mathematical Programming (School of Business and Economics); (iii) Certain courses in Mathematical Physics (first check with the Year 4 Coordinator);(iv) Other possible suitable courses (first check with DoT or Year 4 Coordinator).  If you wish any other Outside Course to be counted as a Mathematics course please contact the Curriculum Approval Officer Stuart King.
  • You are NOT allowed to register for Fundamental Mathematics for Geoscientists (GESC11008). This is due to the similarity of this course to Y1 maths courses.
  • If you are on the MMath degree you must have at least 120 credits at level 11 over years 4 and 5. You must take this into account when making your choices.
  • The Student Survey results for last year's courses can be found here


Registration: Vital regulations and Deadlines

  1. Register for Matriculation and your Course choices with your Personal Tutor (PT) or Year Secretary in Week 0.
  2. You may register initially for up to 150 points (the normal curriculum for the year is 120 points).
  3. Your course registrations must be made by the end of Week 2 of the semester in which the relevant course begins. The only exception to this concerns whether a project is to be an individual or a group project; this should be decided by the end of Week 5 of Semester 1 (and ideally by the end of Week 2 of Semester 1). Please inform your PT of Year secretary in good time.
  4. You must be registered eventually for exactly 120 points by withdrawing from courses that you no longer wish to pursue.
  5. Registry has deadlines for withdrawal from courses without penalty. Changes after these deadlines will result in the word ‘withdrawn’ appearing on your official transcript, which may have negative connotations.  It is strongly advised that you notify your PT or the Year Secretary of any withdrawal from courses by the end of Week 5 of the relevant semester.

December Exams

All non-core 10 point level 10/11 courses taught in Semester 1, that are not part of a yearlong 20 credit course and have an exam, will be examined at the end of Semester 1. Plan your schedule with this in mind: you can substantially reduce your exam load in May, but beware the shorter revision time in December so try to strike a balance. Also make sure you organize your travel at the end of Semester 1 so that you are present in Edinburgh for the exams! 

Careers Servive

Remember that the Careers Service are happy to provide advice. There will be a 20 minutes Careers presentation in the Welcome Meeting (Friday of week 0 of the first semester).


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