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Using the School Linux PCs

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Using the School Linux PCs


- Linux PCs cannot be used until you have registered with EASE.
- School is now moving over to running Scientific Linux v6.
- Default interface is Gnome (+GWM) but other Window Managers are available.

Access to the School's Linux PCs

If you do not have a Linux PC in your office, you may use the PCs situated in our general computing room 5313.

Logging in to the Linux PCs

You will not be able to login to the Linux PCs until you have registered with EASE. To do this you will need to use a laptop, one of the School Windows PCs in 5313 or borrow a browser window on your school contact's PC for a few minutes. If you are using the windows PCs in 5313, login using the name and password supplied by I.T. support.

  • Start your browser and go to the URL
  • In the What is your university username box type in the username given to you by I.T. support.
  • Enter your registration password (given to you by I.T. support) then tick the box to accept the university's Computing Regulations.
  • Click the Continue to next step box.
  • Next you will be asked to complete a series of security questions and answers. Once you have completed this step, click the Continue to next step
  • Next you will be asked to set your own EASE password. Tick the box to also use this password for logging into Windows (Active Directory).If successful you will see the message Your EASE account is now ready to use.

Data storage

Your home directory (which is stored on a central server) is automatically mounted when you login to any of our School Linux PCs. Note that it is not available in university labs. You are given an initial quote of 500MBs. If you also requested a Windows account, your Linux home directory will be available on our School Windows PCs as drive H.


Various network printers are available on all School Linux PCs. Full details are available at IT Support » Printing » Printing from Linux

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