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Short-term WiFi Access

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Short-term WiFi Access

Remember that if your visitor already has an eduroam account from their home institution, they can use the eduroam network to connect to the internet while they are at the University so will not need a University of Edinburgh WiFi access account. They should login using the name <my-insitution-loginname>@<my-institution-domain>. For example


- Short-term account (< 8 days) which can be setup immediately by School contact.
- The university's open (i.e. unprotected) wireless network is called central.
- Before using central you must start your browser and login to the wireless server.
- Certain types of communication are not allowed on central for security reasons (e.g. printing).

Creating a short-term wireless account

Complete a simple web form with the visitor's name and the duration of their visit. A wireless account will be created immediately on completion of the form, and the login details are displayed so that you can give these to your visitor. You do not need to involve IT Support in this process.

If the visit is for longer than 7 days, a new name and password can be generated after the first account has expired. (If your visitor is here for more than a couple of weeks, to comply with University policy you or the visitor must register the visit via the Maths VRS so that a UUN can be generated and a "proper" wifi account set up.)

Information about the central wireless network

The wireless connection on the device (laptop, iPad, smart phone) must be setup for DHCP (i.e. it needs to be setup to automatically request network information when it finds the wireless network).

Once you have connected to central, start your Internet browser and it will automatically be redirected to the wireless server login page. If this does not happen, turn off any proxy address in your browser configuration.

Login using the name and password given to you by your School contact.


Most offices in the School of Maths are able to access the university wireless networks. Most lecture theatres, conference rooms and meeting areas are also covered.


For security reasons, certain protocols are not allowed on the central network. This means that you cannot print to any network printers.

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